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We <3 DnD/RPGs: Free beer

Calling all DnD/RPG campaigns Do you have/run a proper tabletop pen-and-paper RPG group? If so, then get your party down on Monday nights and we'll give you free stuff.

Do you have a merry band, who with dice, paper and the extreme force of your imaginations go together and do impossible things? Then Guild wants to support you on your travels and recommends Monday nights as the place to embark on your campaigns. We have plenty of tables and are open until at least 10pm.

We have no minimum spends or time limits, but we do have our games cover charged but this is easily finagled via clever membership acquisition just ask our staff how.

On other other hand any spend will get the GM a free midi of beer or soft drink ... spend >$25 at once and we'll donate a jug of soft drink to the table ... spend >$30 at once and we'll donate a jug of beer (or soft drink). It's up to you.

Which ever way you travel, whatever your system, Guild is always here to support dice and imaginations in all their forms.


The deal:

Any spend by the table - DM/GM gets FREE midi of house beer or their choice of soft drink (1 per party per day)

>$25 spend at once by the table - FREE jug of soft drink (1 per party per day)

>$30 spend at once by the table - FREE jug of house beer (1 per party per day)

(Monday's only, minimum party of 4)


How Guild membership works:

See the details of membership here:



Note: we one day aspire to LARP, so keep your suggestions flowing to our Guild Masters and an eye on this space.

Where? Here!

We're located in the heart of Canberra City, downstairs at Bailey's Arcade. Next to the Civic bus interchange, across from the Canberra Theatre.