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Welcome to Guild, a unique dining experience in Canberra.

If it’s your first time this quick tutorial will be able to help you and friends decide how they wish to enjoy your stay.

While you are dining with us you are welcome to play from our collection of board games!

Entrée Games

The small shelf next to the Pizza oven is where the breadstick games can be found. These are small entrée games to get you started.

"The Main Shelf"

Next to the Bar is where the most popular and played games are. Most of our recommendations can be found there and our staff will be able to teach you most of the games found on there too.

Display/Auxiliary Shelves

Above the booths are the games that are least played. Knowledge on the games is still being updated to the staff in a later patch, but are still loads of fun.

We Provide Assistance!

To request a game, simply ask one of our friendly staff and we’ll be able to help you with which ever game you’d like to play.

Games are colour coded through a difficulty system so that if you’re not sure about a game, you’ll at least be able to know the difficulty of the game

Level 1 – The easiest of the levels, the tutorial level, and staff can help you with any of these games as they are easy to learn and play. For some fun casual play these are perfect. Most party games and large player games fall under this category too!
Level 2 – It’s getting slightly harder now, it’s dangerous to go alone but you won’t be completely alone. Some skill will be required to play orange level of games but you won’t have to think too hard. Staff can help with most of our orange label title and once rules have been learnt play will flow a lot easier as time goes on.
Boss Level – Training wheels are off! Catan has been settled, pandemics eliminated and now fighting cuthulu and other eldritch horrors or playing risky business with cows in Agricola. Boss levels are fought hard and won hard and these games are the same. All we can is wish you the best of luck. Play time is also a factor into these games as some rounds can last as long as a Game of Thrones season binge.


One last thing! Breadstick games are of course complementary and free, but to play anything we only ask for $3 per person as gamage. This will let you play as many games as you like for the evening.  

Full Games List

The full list of the games we have available to play is currently on our Board Game Geek profile, which can be found here:

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Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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