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Drink & Draw

1pm Sunday 18 September

We had such a great response from our first Drink & Draw organised by Han Britton!

Because of this we've come together to host a monthly Drink & Draw for all artists to Discuss, Draw, find inspiration and work with other artists in a friendly environment. Sunday, September the 18th GUILD will host the second gathering. Han has created a Facebook group for all interested to Drink & Draw.

Finally, GUILD has noticed that Drink & Draw requires a Logo for this Canberra and GUILD group, We are sending the Bat signal for artists to help create our communities new logo. GUILD wishes to put on a friendly competition to find this logo. The winner will recieve a gift voucher and the rights to the image to be used on all GUILD drink & draws.

Looking forward to seeing you!

See the event on Facebook!

Where? Here!

We're located in the heart of Canberra City, downstairs at Bailey's Arcade. Next to the Civic bus interchange, across from the Canberra Theatre.